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I have the mundane task of re-organizing my kitchen today. I know (YAWN!), I’m interesting aren’t i.

Whilst sorting through all sorts of useless and useful stuff my mind begins to wander (as it does) and I wondered what to do with my old dish towels, you know, stained, holes, seen better days. I am an avid recycler whenever I can be, so I wondered if I could put these in the recycling bag. NO. Where do i put them then? You got it, in the regular waste bin bag which will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere, not breaking down as fast as society dumps their old clothing, materials etc. Sad really. Anyone any thoughts on this?

I did mange to find out what to do with my old out of date medicines/prescriptions. You have to pop them all out of their packaging into one plastic (e.g. ziplock) bag, put all the packaging in the recycling and take the bag with the old medicine/tablets to your local pharmacy/drugstore where they will send it off to be incinerated. Therefore it does not get lost in a landfill, into the earth, possibly creating some future mutant breed of scary drug fuelled species.

So there you go, useful information of the day :o)

Happy ‘Moments’

Kelly x