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Don’t Give Up

At my most raw and vulnerable I have hurt, that kind of pain that washes over you like a wave and feels like you are drowning while it grips a hold of your chest and squeezes then takes your legs from under you until you can no longer feel. I hated that pain. Sometimes people contribute to that pain and don’t even know it. The world is full of ugly. It’s hard for anyone to accept and see that, the internet lays it out for us all, like an endless and brutally truthful presentation of life, warts and all. We teach our children happiness, filling their lives with love, security and good times, then the internet fills in all the ugly blanks. Dearest dearest teens, YOU place what YOU want in your life and embrace the good it has to offer. Yes life is shit sometimes and we struggle, even telling ourselves no-one will ever understand. I am telling you they will, and that you are loved. We can all be excited about life and what it still holds, We could learn to sing, play piano, ski, fish, there are endless positive opportunities and endless sources of love and understanding. I hate how cruel people can be on the internet. Do your soul a favor and let go of the things that cause you pain and the people who like to cause it. Why should you be interested in the opinion or judgement of people that do not know you, I’m not. When you go on any social networking website I urge you all to have the same attitude. Do not open the doors of your life to the entire world, the world can be ugly. Open the doors to the beautiful side of life and embrace all it has to offer. Do not give negative comments a second thought, they may be coming from a boy/girl from a really troubled home, who lashes out at the world in a hateful way, or from a person who has mental health issues and does not fully comprehend what they are saying. We do not know each others entire stories. Surround yourself with happy and shut-out the negative. Don’t be afraid to cry. Hug. Give a compliment. Offer help. Have fun. Laugh until it hurts. Dress up in stupid clothes. Learn something new. Look at the horizon, it has your name on it…. Live Laugh Love xxxxxxxx