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Book Structure

Hello all!

I am in the process of going back through my book so far and recording the basic structure on paper. I realize I had written two names for the gothic girl when those first few chapters were coming together and I wasn’t at all happy with her name. I have now taken out all Maddie’s from the book, I didn’t like the name, it didn’t fit her personality at all so she was replaced. Funny how a writer needs to know his/her characters so well, history, likes, dislikes etc. Then how easy it is to be impersonal about them, like having a sims character in front of you, no don’t like that name, lets change it. I feel like I already have a lost souls dimension of flawed characters that didn’t quite make it. Poor unfortunate misfits! ;o)

Anyway, I need some structure, so that is what I am doing right now. Initially, once I had the story idea in my head I wrote one paragraph. That paragraph sat on my home pc for around 18 months. Its desperate need to grow eventually leading me to show my husband and teens after two (bravery inducing) glasses of wine. The response I got was a HUGE confidence boost, encouraging me to progress. So I did, I planned the structure of the book, the backbone of the story. That was around 12 months ago. So now as I sit here and bulletpoint my story, chapter by chapter and compare it to what I first planned, it is amazing to see the amount of change that has occured. No doubt there with be more and more change to come too. A literary roller coaster ride.

So from the conception of idea, to my current placing in Chapter 11 has taken me around 2 1/2 years. Procrastination has been my biggest downfall, but hey, I still love the story and the characters. If it takes me another four years, its ok. My aim is still the same. My ambition still remains and I love my ‘moments’  lost in the depths of my book. No deadline. No pressure, just enjoyable writing at my own pace. Lovely. Amongst the special things (and people- Love you my wonderful family and friends!) I cherish this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m Thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving ‘moments’

Love Kelly x



I am not posting a long blog today as I am venturing into the world of writing Fiction. I love portraying the character of Katherine in dire situations, gets my heart racing and my fingers can hardly keep up with my mind.

Here is my twitter post:

“The happiest feeling to complete another Chapter #exciting!! Onto Chapter 10….”

I CANNOT wait for you all to read it. No more previews from Chapter 8 to keep you all in suspense.

Feedback for the first 8 welcome!In first draft form it has many faults but the story is too good to not make perfect. Kimber let me know where you read to. Vicky, did you continue on with what i gave you?

After that, I shall be requesting the services of an editor. So Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!