Ponderings of Mrs Kitson


What am I about? That’s not a question people generally like to  answer about themselves is it. I don’t want to do the ‘Housewife, Mother…etc etc’ usual stuff. Although, generally it may be of some (little) interest to you I prefer to tale the more random facts route.

So here are a few random facts about me:

1. I love Chocolate, particularly Dark with orange.

2. If it were a choice between owning a dishwasher or a tv, dishwasher would win every time.

3. I am my own worst critic

4. I love to dye my hair bright red and find any judgement this may bring from others, rather amusing.

5. I am British

6. Bloodline makes me 1/8th Irish (there’s the fiery temper!)

7. Places I have been to include, Austria, Northern and  central France, Germany, Gran Canaries, Ireland, Kuredu Island-Maldives, Crete,Rome-Italy, Seattle & the Olympic Peninsula- USA and last but not least, British Colulmbia- Canada.

8. One of my favourite places was Crete.

9. I am now distracted thinking about my upcoming trip to the UK

10. I need to stop this shenanighan and do something productive

11. I am awesome at changing the subject

12. sometimes I even forget what I am doing

13. and I repeat myself

14. sometimes I even forget what I am doing5

15. Damn….the laundry….

16. *sound of footsteps running away* ……………..



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