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The Entrance…

It’s my turn, anticipation vibrates through my soul

A subtle rhythmic melody sounds and flows through us all as we step forward and meet our planners

I know pain will be the hardest thing to bear and I won’t see it as i see it now, from here

My first choice, I want to be happy like the last time, soul mapped out before me I look to see if it’s possible

I love music, I love to sing, can i sing?

Possible but it comes with much pain and I won’t meet you

I want to fix and heal, minds, souls, spirits, sadness

Now choose the lessons that will take you to there

Above all I want to remember, to remember here, just a sliver, it will make it all so much easier

But it’s not meant to be easy, and I can’t remember, that will just stop me from doing what i need to

I will just know… and when i feel that knowing, I will feel peace.

I will heal hearts in one way or another, and I will be with you again

~ Kelly