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22 things list update

Hey folks,

I have decided to update and change *gasp* some of my 22 things list. The ones I epic fail with. Goodbye unrealistic goals!!!

Here we go:

1. Take time to write.

Well here I am in my blog, writing so I guess that counts, right, next stop, the heart wrenching saga of Katherine Bennett.

2. Move fridge and clean underneath Find some healthy meals the whole family love

We had a Meat free week last week which was great, lost 2lbs. Yayy! I’m trying to mostly eat raw veg, wholewheat pita, humus etc. for lunches. I am also enjoying a lot of home made smoothies. I was wanting a tropical taste this morning so I threw together the following, try it! : 1 banana, 1/3 of a pineapple, 200ml coconut milk (light if you can), 1 kiwi. Whiz it all up together and Voila! Yum yummy tropical smoothie.

3. Clean all the rest of the Kitchen cupboards

Done. Boooooooooooooring.

4. Make regular time to read

At the moment I am reading ‘The road less travelled’ by M.Scott Peck _ A new psychology of Love, Traditional values and spiritual growth. Great book, my favourite of all time!!

In fact I will share a little part of it:

Delaying gratification is a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with. It is the only decent way to live.

This tool or process of scheduling is learned by most children quite early in life, sometimes as early as age five. for instance, occasionally a five year old child when playing a game with a companion will suggest the companion take their turn first, so that the child may enjoy his or her turn later. At age six children may start eating their cake first and the frosting later. Through grammar school this early capacity to delay gratification is daily exercised, particularly through the performance of homework.

While many have the well developed capacity to delay gratification, some 15 or 16 year olds seem to have hardly developed this capacity at all, some may even lack it entirely. These are the problem students. Despite average or better intelligence, their grades are poor simply because they do not work. Play now, pay later is their motto. So the psychologists and psychotherapists are called in.

5. Take the kids somewhere fun this week more often

Swimming at the weekend. Watched Dance competitions Friday whilst Mischa went to play at her friends and climbed a tree (which she has raved on about since). We take for granted the little things don’t we. When we lived on a farm Kayleigh and Abbie would climb the trees in the garden but Mischa was always too small. Now we don’t have trees like that in this garden so this was probably one of her first ‘climbing tree’ experience, especially with a friend. The things we take for granted.

6. Do bicycle crunches at home at least 8 times in the next two weeks

Bah. Bicycle crunches. Who needs em.


7. Physically check my teens have completed homework

Am onto this one with inspector gadget time precision!

8. Walk down the mountain at least once a week with my husband

We did achieve this last week and it was lovely as ever. We chat, hold hands, walk. Lovely x

9. Go to the gym at least once a week even though my ultimate goal is three times

Still falling short on this but I am not deleting this just yet!

10. Brush out the garage Take stuff to the dump from the garage

Almost went this weekend but the idea was quashed in favor of swimming. This weekend it is planned!

11. Put pond pump back in

Another thing planned for this coming weekend

12. Water flowers in basket out the front

Flowers are still alive and have been cared for :o)

13. Compliment at least one person every day

Always do this

14. Moisturize


15. Put Vitamins somewhere where i won’t forget to take them


16. Finish ALL unfinished paintings and sign them

Made progress with one on my easel and competed one, waiting for it to dry before signing, desperate for new canvas but I won’t allow myself any until I complete the last four!

17. Start a new painting

Done and in progress

18. Take old clothes to the MCC

currently sorting for a freind first

19. Drink more herbal tea

Have been doing this every day and found a lovely toffee flavored tea too Mmmmmmmmm

20. Write more lists

Does this one count? Actually we have been writing and working to checklists recently for our PR application which is in and processing as we speak

21. Try to remember at least one joke every now and again

Your face ;oP

22. Make up new words

spagathon – a race to eat your spaghetti first

Woobies – warm boobies

I like having Woobies, they comfort me when i come last in the Kitson spagathon.



Enjoy your Moments people

Kelly xxx