Ponderings of Mrs Kitson

Firstly I must have a word with myself.  What a stupid time to commit to a list, just before two sets of guests come from the UK for a visit. Sometimes I think i am wonder woman. I digress, lets see how I got along with my list, no lies, no excuses.


1. Take time to write.

This is a definate FAIL. I could say I have indeed written, but I know what my goal was with this and it was not writing status updates or tweeting. It was to work on my book. I have not even opened it in months. BIG FAIL.

2. Move fridge and clean underneath Find some healthy meals the whole family love

Again this has not been as possible with guests, we drink, we eat (unhealthy meals), but we did have a lovely chicken sald last night and I have been browsing Hugh’s VEG book for inspiration. Avocado wraps for dinner tonight, Yum!

3. Clean all the rest of the Kitchen cupboards

FAIL. Had guests.

4. Make regular time to read

I have been off and on with this. Started reading How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran, very funny! Adult part biography, part rant. Started reading the ‘borrowers’ with Mischa, takes me back to my youth. Not sure if she loves it or not yet.

5. Take the kids somewhere fun this week more often

We well and truly accomplished this, Seattle and Whistler, hikes, tubing etc. Now we need to continue to add this one into our regular routine.

6. Do bicycle crunches at home at least 8 times in the next two weeks


7. Physically check my teens have completed homework

Check! *pats self on back*

8. Walk down the mountain at least once a week with my husband

Check! We swopped this mountain for walks on other mountains the past two weeks.

9. Go to the gym at least once a week even though my ultimate goal is three times


10. Brush out the garage Take stuff to the dump from the garage

Still there…

11. Put pond pump back in

Oooo I forgot about this one!

12. Water flowers in basket out the front


13. Compliment at least one person every day


14. Moisturize


15. Put Vitamins somewhere where i won’t forget to take them

Bought myself a seniors pill box to accomplish this one

16. Finish ALL unfinished paintings and sign them

three down, three to go

17. Start a new painting

Not as yet

18. Take old clothes to the MCC

Still there, in the garage with the stuff for the dump *sigh*

19. Pair socks and throw out Sunday (holey) ones (I have an infestation)

YES! Done! We are on top of the sock situation after two years! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

20. Write more lists


21. Try to remember at least one joke every now and again

Bloody hopeless at this, I’ll just make up my own..

22. Make up new words

I did do this whilst drunk and now can’t recall them lol


K x


Comments on: "How it’s going – 22 things creative challenge" (1)

  1. Maybe we could finish some of them together next month when I come over, look forward to it mum xx

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