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Birthday Blog

Hey People,

So yesterday I had one of those sad days, the prospect of a birthday alone was like a huge big fat cloud of poop waiting to dump its load on my head. (Picture it so you really feel sorry for me..go on..I’m waiting…………..Thank you).

I knew the girls would be in school and Lee would be in work. I have no idea why it hit me this year and not others. I think it was due to our little trip to the UK.  Spending time with people you care about and having to leave again kind of pulls on the old heart strings every time.  Would have been nice to spend my birthday with my Mum and Sisters popping in. That’s life though, we make sacrifices here and there. Anyway it is not all doom and bloody gloom people! Life’s what you make of it so it is entirely fabulous! *shakes oneself*

Why do we find it so much easier to moan and judge and wallow in self pity? It takes a great person to recognize the negative emotions and try to turn them about face. Go on misery, on yer bike, I am made of stronger stuff, beat it, only sunshine and smiles (and the occasional sarcasm as life would be boring without it, don’t you agree). Flipping waffling again aren’t I. The purpose of today’s post is to reply to my birthday messages individually. *Sigh* I WILL reach that goal!!! Shortly…..

I was sat scrap-booking with Mischa yesterday late afternoon and the familiar sound of that little Honda civic pulls onto the drive, which in itself makes me smile inside. Lee comes through the door and calls me downstairs, when I get there he holds out a HUGE round balloon and taps it, said balloon then proceeds to rock out a Happy birthday tune. How to lighten your lady’s mood in one easy step. *smiles*

This morning a message from the school district announced all schools were closed due to the current snow and forecasted freezing rain so I was treated to breakfast in bed, Belgian waffles and fruit by Kayleigh and a nice cuppa from Abbie. Mischa brought the cards and presents through and we all sat eating in my bedroom.

I had some lovely gifts. Got my big pressie when we flew out from Heathrow on Monday, Lee (together with Jeanette and Rogie) bought me some Dr Dre ‘beats’ headphones, I am not gonna lie to you people, they are the dogs gonads!! I could hear the layers of music and individual sounds coming together, I was like a kid at Christmas using them on the plane for the first time. You have to try some! Trust me.

Right so the reason I lured you all here today like the pied piper of blogs…..

Alison Hawtin
speak soon xxxxx and have a fab day tomorrow, you deserve it
I met Alison at a football match our girls were playing in, we probably had soggy wet feet and numb fingers (as was the usual footie weather), we ignored our uncomforts and engaged in one of our first deep conversations, then ran into each other at a past life regression talk. Alison is a friend on a soul level, and i mean that our conversations go so deep if a Harvard graduate walked in 3/4 way though our chats he’d think we were really clever, and we are of course. Alison is one of those friends you can sit with in silence and just relax. We rarely sit in silence though. Thank you for your reassurance and birthday message Alison X

Heather Doerksen Spenst I hope you have the bestest birthday ever!! You Deserve It!! Love and Happiness to you always! When are we going for your Birthday Dinner? 🙂

One of my first friends in Canada whom I met at Kayleigh and Abbie’s first school here. We’ve been friends ever since, we party together every new years, go ice fishing every year (counting down the days to this years!!). Heather has a heart of gold and will go out of her way for anyone. Thanks for your message Heather x
Jo Pardoe about an hour ago near Vancouver
Happy Birthday Kelly!! Have a wonderful day!

I met Jo through her Mum Jane, who came to rescue me from the Hotel when we first arrived in Canada and I didn’t have a car. They are from Godmanchester near Cambridge and still live nearby here. Jo is getting married this year and she is a fabulous artist http://www.jopardoe.co.uk/. Thanks for your message Jo x
Nathalie Austin
happy birthday hun xxx

Nathalie used to work for me on Paragon fashions in Allders department store, not sure we should have called it fashion but hey it made Bay trading look good next door! We had some fun times. I remember coming in one day to ransom note taped to one of my mannequins and the other mannequin gone lol. Thanks for the message Nat x
happy birthday ! love you lots ♥ hope everyone spoils you :3

Emma is a member of the family whom we got to know over the summer. They came and joined us at missezula lake (Missezula sounds like a tribe doesn’t it, or a candy. Now imagining a lake filled with jelly tots..oops, sorry, are you still there?) Emma also gives good hugs xThanks for your message Emma x
Rob Bilton
Happy birthday from the missus and I

I met Rob on the very first night in Canada, he was staying in the same hotel as us having just come out from Cambridge too. His wife and the wonderfully full of beans Lizzy followed shortly. Rob is a vocalist in a band. I love wasting away endless hours with his wife putting the world to rights. Thanks for your message Rob and Cheryl :o)
HAppy birthday kelly!! see you later ♥

J is a talented dancer and daughter and friend of Abbie’s. Dinner Sat night don’t forget! Thanks for your message J M x
Harry Geddert
Special Birthday wishes to a special Birthday girl! Hope you have an awesome day!

Harry is a newly acquired family friend. We are lulling them into a false sense of security so we can steal there dog in the summer and then move so they can’t find us. ;oP Oh and important bit of info, Harry makes killer cocktails #regularlyratarsedathishouse. Thanks for your message Harry :o)
Happy birthday Kelly!

Have I confused you with lots of Emma’s? are you wondering which one is you? I am emitting all surnames of people below a certain age to protect privacy. Emma is also a family friend, we have know her family since we came to Canada but she likes Justin Bieber (she is really lovely, don’t hold that against her). Always smiling. Thanks for your message Emma x
happy birthdaay mummyy, iloveyousooomuch♥ thanks for everything♥
love from your favourite child ^_^ <3333

No introduction needed. She is slightly batty. Going to be one of those crazy ladies that lives in the middle of the woods with 13 cats, reads cards for a living, crazy hair. Bendable like this guy

If she was hogging the sofa I could probably fold her up into a box and she could watch tv from the top of the bookcase (social services- I am joking- she is lovely). Wonderful heart and makes me proud. Thank you for your messages baby X

Happy Birthday Mum! ♥ love you so much! (: have a great daay xxxxxx
My Abz. she has been spoiling me ALL day long. What a sweetie. She is super clever but does not like horror movies, one little bit. Seriously, if she was out skiing with friends and they said “lets watch nightmare on elm street when we get back”, she would throw herself into a tree to ensure a hospital trip that got her out of watching that movie. She can spin like one of those wind up jewellery box ballerina’s. Amazing heart and makes me super proud. Thank you for your messages Baby X

Duncan Buttress
happy birthday, hope you’re enjoying your day. X

Duncan is one of Lee’s  cousin’s who I met at one of the BBQ’s Jeanette & Rogie had. I loved the group of people i came to know and love back then, still have great times and have added a few more amazing people since then (also dropped off some dodgy ones -again I am kidding- don’t go having a cow). Duncan is probably wondering why i am taking so long to mention his dancing skills, he is like Shakin Stevens in Armani. Likes to rub his bottom once in a while on the dance floor. ;oP Thanks for your message Dunc :o)
Claire Bennett Prev Steptoe
Happy bday gawjus ladyee! Ave a fab day lv claire,katie n ellie xxx

Used to frequent the Pepperpot Inn with Claire a long time ago and spent a bit of time at the Steptoe house. She was always smiling and used to say “come on…. fanny” a lot, mainly to get me to hurry up. She moved closer to me when i moved to Cambridge, so i moved away…am kiddin!!! Love you Claire Bear X Thanks for your message x

Happy Birthday Kelly! I hope its amazing and you have a fantastic day! Enjoy yourself! so glad our families are friends 😀 Love you! ♥ xxx

Good friend of Kayleigh’s and sister to Emma. Likes to sleep the same hours as a vampire and Dances…A LOT. In fact I am amazed her legs haven’t fell off yet she Dances that much ;oP Thanks for your message Meaghan x
Claire Titmuss
happy birthday kelly hope its a great day 🙂

Met Claire back in my skating days, when we had a Canadian on our local team in Wales who won her heart and eventually whisked her off to Canada (Toronto). Always has lovely things to say. One of life’s kind hearted souls. Now a hockey Mom. Thanks for your message Claire, Happy Anniversary, remember your Engagement party well x
Sharla Boyle Hardie
Happy birthday!!!! Hope your day is amazing!

Met through the girls first school. Amazing hair, some people call it crazy hair, natural thick curls, just fab! Thanks for your message Sharla x
Happy birthday Kelly ♥
Hope you have a wonderful day *hug*

Lovely lady. Super big smiles and looks after Kaylz. Thanks for your message Aly x
Karen Griffith
Happy birthday sis hope you have a great day love ya lots x x

Ahhhh, my wonderful Big Sis. Looked after me when i was little, protector of the small child (when Cassy wanted to clock me one for being annoying). Threw one of my Cassy’s boyfriends across the road once, hard as nails. Shared many special sister days with my big sis. Fellow fan of the Vampire Diaries. Going to be the most sought after social worker in the world, making a difference every single day. Proud to have her as my sis x Thanks for your message Kaz. Thanks for the lovely gifts too, I love them! X
Rosie Warkentin Funk
Happy happy joy joy birthday wishes to you darlin Kelly!!!! Have a great family day!

Another Dance Mom, lovely normal family, quite rare these days aren’t they. They are each and every one, lovely. Have a few dogs, used to have a crazy ‘lost the plot’ type neighbor that has since moved. Now able to use their garden again. Yay! Rosie is honest and blunt in a British type way which i appreciate endlessly! Once gave her shoes to a homeless person and went home with (i think) plastic bags on her feet. Selfless. Thanks for your message Rosie x
Caroline Jones
Happy birthday sis love you x x x

My Lovely other Big sis. Mother Earth. Good at getting stains out when i couldn’t or catching me when I crumbled. We shared friends, ice-skates, sang duets to the Human league and Cher on Karaoke. Good at cuddles. Love you. Thanks for your message and the lovely butterfly tea light lantern, I love it sis X
Ali Storey
Penblwydd Hapus cariad!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ahhhh one of my oldest friends. Watched me walk into a lamppost once, so I laughed when she slid down a muddy hill on her arse. Gave me lots of her clothes and shoes. Into some hard ass techno music, where we differ slightly, but our love of garden caterpillars made out of hedges and being very silly makes us life long friends of the strongest kind. Thanks for your message buttercup fluffy pants X

Lynn Fitzpatrick

Penblwydd hapus!! Hope you have a great birthday xx

Met Lynn in my Rock music, headbanging days (Yes, I did!). Used to be jealous of the way she could swing her hair (and head) in huge circular motions whipping everyone off of the dance floor in a hair slashing frenzy, impressed she never fell over after. Thanks for your message Lynn X

Happy birthday Kelly, hope you have a good one xxxxx

Met Nat when I went to work in Bay Trading. Due to an incompetent area manager, we didn’t hit it off at first, but soon got over it when recognizing we were a great team and equally as business minded/fashionable/silly. Had a fantastically gorgeous wedding in Newmarket. Nat is also a new Mummy! Thanks for your message Nat x

Angel Hart
Happy birthday kell xxx

Angel and I met a long time ago, when i was a stupid kid, and succumbed to peer pressure, was not nice to the first time we met. We have more than made up for that since, Angel was chief bridesmaid at my first wedding and although we don’t see each other often, she is one of my closest friends. Her fella does removals if anyone needs https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002445853801. She also has the best name in the whole world, in my opinion! Thanks for your message Angel x

Ellie Bithell

Happy birthday. Love you xxx
Ellie was the lady that sent endless emails harassing me to make contact with ‘the one for me’ Lee Kitson, after my Mum asked her and Colin (my cousin) to find me a ‘nice man’. A little set up and maybe desperate looking, but I’ll forgive them as they were right. Ellie is a lovely fun friend who once tried to snog me when she was drunk. I’ll forgive her for that too, she’s very cuddly. Thanks for your message Ellie X
Leslie Nadon

Happy Birthday you wonderful woman you! Sorry ’bout the weather!
Leslie, a dance teacher that taught my Kaylz to reach right inside her heart and display it through movement. What an amazingly loving genuine person Leslie is. I hope my Daughters get chance to Dance for/with you in the future. Thanks for your message X
Penny Miller

happy birthday friend
looking forward to dinner tomorrow night
hope your day kicks ass
Penny, fun, bubbly, Penny. Super fast paced sometimes makes me dizzy. She slows down for Coffee with me on a Tuesday and we chat and chat and chat. Known her for 4 years.  Always smiling. Reminds me of my old drama teacher which is funny coz she’s one too! Likes to ‘shake that’. Thanks for your message groove bunny X
Melissa Buhler-Jonker

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!
Yet another Dance Mom that amazes me. Always has her make up and hair done lovely, Kids always fed and dressed and clean, and she works! Don’t know how she does it. I bet she has at least lost a kid once and not told anyone. ;oP Thanks for your message Melissa
Claire Whitmore

Claire, tee hee, Daughter of a Jehovah’s witness whom i sent home drunk once on her bike (sorry Mum!). Free spirit and fellow spice girl impersonator. Lovely fun girlie Thanks for your message Claire X
Tryphaena Jakomis

happy birthday honeyy hope you mark it it in a special way
One of those fussy hair clients back in the day, talks a lot (like me!) We became firm friends when she was doing her G I Jane bit (Territorial army) Now a great Mum although she had an irrational fear of childbirth, the likes I have never seen before or since. She got over it and had an easy birth. Bitch! Love her to bits x Thanks for your message Phaena X
Shalagh Reid Speilman

Happy cold snowy birthday to you pretty lady! I hope today is wonderful!

Fellow Dance Mom and kids taxi driver. Super fit and one of those people that make you kick your own arse to get fit after seeing her. Doesn’t rate her fitness herself but trust me. If i could stop eating crap and get to the gym more i could look like that! Thanks for your message Shalagh x

Nuri  Kural

happy birthday, hope you are enjoying your day xx

My Niece’s new Husband and love of her life from Turkey who i trust is still looking after her extremely well (like she is the Queen). Thanks for your message Nuri :o)

Lisa Geddert

Happy Birthday friend – hope your day is special 🙂

Lisa is nutty. We drink wine together, eat and talk like old women. I was starting to worry until a few weeks ago, that all we do is drink and talk but alas we had a movie night! (where we kept interrupting the movie to drink and chat). We have many heated discussions that are so full of energy, they make me sleep for a week afterwards. Lots of spirit and lots of fun. We like to dress up when we are drunk (not in wit woo stuff, in orange wigs and princess dresses). Thanks for your message Lisa X

Seanna Forrester Koopmans

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!!! 🙂

Another dance Mom! Lol Seanna has the sarcasm thing down (Brit stylee) and is lovely to chat to when I am falling asleep in my chair during competitions, always positive like a ray of sunshine. No seriously, there is nothing sarcastic here. That is all. Thanks for your message Seanna X

Sarah Jane Williams

Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope you have a fab day 🙂 xxx

One of my old school buds. Lovely girl. Isn’t it fab you are all lovely. Come across no knob heads yet, god help you if i do, I’m on a role today. Thanks for your message Sarah X

Helen Ward

Happy birthday huni, hope you’re having a fab day 🙂 xxx

Another old school bud and seller of Jamie Oliver home supplies, secretly think she’s like to supply Mr Oliver but that hasn’t been proven. Thanks for your message Helen X

  • Paul Williams

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY. Hope you have a great day. xx
  • My ex father in law. Ex fireman. Super guy who i also got drunk with (slightly concerned there is a theme here :oO )
  • Very funny, regularly suffers from random rhyming turrets. Thanks for your message Taid X
  • Bernadette Thiessen

    From one Dance Mom to another, Happy Birthday!
  • These Dance Moms…they multiply don’t they. Another super lovely lady.  Thanks for your message Bernadette X
  • Andy Jones

    Happy Birthday mate
  • Drummer of the band we used to stalk, with the slasher hair girl, also had long hair but not as lethal. Reminded me of animal from the muppets. Thanks for your message Andy :o)
  • Judy Tomlin

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the snow! xx
  • Judy is taller than me. She is also super fit and thinking about it is making me feel guilty. Shared the experience of moving to Canada together but she has since left us to return to the Motherland. Thanks for your message Judy X
  • Roger Thomas

    happy birthday kelly hope you have a wonderful day all our love jen and rogie xxxxxxxxxx
  • Rogie is equally super kind and the best moaner in the world, seriously, he is better than Victor Meldrew, in fact I think ITV should follow him around and make a reality TV show, I would laugh so much, so often, I might have abs of steel. Hmmm. Then looking at Shalagh or Judy would no longer make me feel guilty. Rogie, I think we have something, just don’t threaten to throw the camera equipment out on your front yard when they get in your way! Thanks for the message and  my new headphones Dodgy Rogie X
  • Terry Campbell

    Have a great day Kelly
  • Terry works with Lee.  Don’t know him well enough to make fun of yet but give me time…Thanks for your message Terry :O)
  • Coral Forslund

    Happy Birthday Kelly, you are forever fabulous!
  • Coral is an office at MA and is uber organized and awesome at her job. I am thinking she may have a little OCD, you can’t be that good and not have a little can you? I want to see her tin cupboards now and sock drawer. Thanks for your message Coral X
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kelly!!Hope you have a wonderful day! Let’s get together soon.
Kimber is another Mom I met five years ago. We have been firm friends ever since and go out to eat with Heather regularly. Has kick ass Mom rage when needed. Says it like it is (which i appreciate). Wonderful Heart and awesome hugs. (I freaking LOVE hugs!!!)Thanks for your message Kimber X
Happy Birthday Witchypoo xx
My old friend from Allders. When i met Mandy I walked up to her and said ‘ you are psychic aren’t you’ (someone had told me), she turned to me and said “yes, so are you”. I’m not gonna lie to you I nearly pooped my pants. Since then we have had many a night talking to the recently deceased via candlelight, again, with wine. Massive jugs, I can fit my head in her bra.  Thanks for your message Moo X
Happy Birthday lovely. xxx
Lina is a part of the Cambridge crowd, our very own Kardashian, but with more style and grace. Wonderful Mum and friend. Thanks for your message Lina X
happy birthday gorg girlie hope its amazing Xxx
Known Charlene for most of my life. Her Mum is my Godmother. At my Hen do, she got rat arsed, they wouldn’t let her and Zena in the club so they got in someone’s limo, thinking it was a cab, she said the next morning “I wondered why the driver was so far away”. One of the funniest people I know. Thanks for your message Charl X
That’s because you are special. Love ya lots. Xx
Rachie worked for me in Bay Trading. Fabulous lady with a wicked sense of humor. Taught me extreme snow fighting with shovels. See each other when i visit wales for a movie/food date. She has been out to see us a few times, love having her here. She is getting married in November! Thanks for your message Rachie x
Penblwydd Hapus from Wales have a cracken time honey! xxxx
Another of my lovely Bay Trading girls. Although i was her boss, she taught me the fart position which i have been eternally grateful for. Jenny Jen Jen mixing it on the decks, Thanks for your message X
Happy birthday kel. X
I hope you woke to brekkie in bed at least!
My Cousin, matchmaker, ex spiderman skills which he has scars to prove. The only cousin I see regularly. Probably the best one actually (shhhh don’t tell the others!) Thanks for your message Col X
Happy Birthday xxx
One of the most amazing Mum’s I know! Our hubby’s used to work together and we partied at a few MA do’s together.Thanks for your message Jodie X
Neil Coles

Happy Birthday!!!
24 performances of ‘Guys and Dolls’ with Clwyd youth theater. Neil was one of the main parts, I was stage management and an extra. I was 16 and those older kids taught me how to drink. Lots of laughs at the cast parties. I remember one in particular when a long standing couple broke up coz the guy came out of the closet. Livened the night, that and the guitar playing and singing (arts students for ya). Thanks for your message Neil :o)
Rachel Haslam

Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope u have a lovely day!xxx
Rach was another school buddy. Nutty bird who used to rave with Ali to that techno stuff. Also likes to dress up (but again, not in the way you are thinking…)Thanks for the message Rach X
Lee Kitson

Happy birthday beautiful x I hope you have an awesome relaxing day x roll on tonight when we are together again x love you x Lee
The most amazing man I have ever met. Knows how a girl should be treated (Ladies- he is from Cambridge- you won’t find any in Deeside – no offense deeside blokes!) Taught me to be more compassionate and taught me that love deepens, every day. He also has a nice bum, strong arms and amazing eyes. Thanks for my message baby and for putting me on that pedestal X
Rachel Buttress

Happy Birthday Gorgeous, hope you have a wonderful day xxxx
Rach is the master of human pyramids and has a high frequency laugh, I bet she never has a mouse problem. Fun and good to boogie with. Thanks for your message Rach X
Sandra McDonald

Happy birthday lovely lady, we can have a late celebratory drink in august xx
Sandra is one of those dark eyed, raven haired beauty’s. She is married before anyone asks for her number. Thanks for your message Sandra X
Helen Twinn

Happy birthday. X
Just getting to know Helen so have yet to dig up some humorous secrets. Thanks for your message Helen X
Lisa Brierley

Happy birthday Kel!! Hope it’s a good one hun xx
Known Lisa since school, she had all older brothers and was hard as nails, scared the shit out of me when she took a dislike to me once. Luckily that was over quick and we got on after. Thanks for your message Lisa X
Wendy Verdonk

Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a great day. Sorry the weather isn’t going to cooperate so have a cold one on me. Love ya loads.
Went for a lunch date with Wendy once that ended with me in coveralls and farmer wellies herding cows into the barn. Best PAC president in the history of the world. Fun to party with too. Thanks for your message Woo X
Steffie Solanki

Happy Birthday Beautiful x x
Met Steffie at her wedding when Lee and I were getting to know each other. A member of the raven haired beauties family, also married. (why i am telling you this i don’t know, like someone would come to my blog looking for a fit woman..*shakes head at oneself*) Thanks for your message Steffie X
Amanda Steptoe

Happy Birthday Kelly! We hope you have a fabulous day n nite love n hugs Amanda n Ann Xxxxx
Spent many a night and day at Amanda’s house hanging with her big sis. Thanks for your message Amanda X
Jo Buttress

Happy Birthday, lovely lady!! Love from us all xxxx
Aussie beaut. Married to Lee’s cousin. I’m jealous of her coz her hot tub works. Thanks for your message Jo X
Mark Hynes

happy birthday xxx
Used to go out with my sister, took me to the Tiv clubbing once on a trip home from London. Thanks for your message Mark :o)
Stephen Sharples

Happy birthday Kelly, hope you have a lovely day.
Used to play for the hockey team we supported. Good sense of humor. Has his own bar in his house. Greedy git! Thanks for your message Chalky :o)
Suzie Buttress

Happy birthday -kelly xxx
Met her for the first time in November when she married Lee’s cousin. Lovely bubbly personality and a nice rack. Thanks for your message Suzie X
Kirstie Kural

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear jeannnnnnnnn happy birthday too youuuuuuu! miss you long time! xx ♥
My lovely fun Niece! I love her to bits. Great sense of humor. Love to chill eating crap food and watching vampire diaries etc. I like to call her Jean, just coz….Thanks for the message Jean X
Emma Prestidge

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kelly. Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt rotten!!!! Hugs and kisses. Love ya, xxxx
Worked with me in Allders too. I think she was the one that kidnapped Jean or Barb (the mannequin) Proper nutty in a fun way. Quite random at times. Serial status updater. Thanks for your message Emma! X
Claire Radford

Happy birthday x
One of my school-friends sister. Newly married so probably at it like rabbits. Thanks for your message Claire X
Stacey Louise Clark

Happy birthday xxx
Had pictures of my boobs on her camera, I think she fancied me, just sayin’. Thanks for the message Stace X
Emma Pardoe

Happy Birthday beautiful! ♥
Sister of Jo and also getting married in August!  Another Brit in Canada. Together we will take over… mwaaa hahahahahaaaaaaaa Thanks for your message Emma X
Eileen Lloyd

Happy birthday xxx
Friend i had in Primary school prob when i was 10! Thanks for your message Eileen X

Appy appy Birthday x x x
My friend of 24 years! Master at sarcasm and keeping me up till 5am or something silly like that ;oP Bridesmaid at my first wedding, sorry for making you dress like a bog roll holder. Coming to see me soon!!! Yay! Thanks for your message Vic X

Happy Birthday xxx
Went to school with her brother, lived next door to me briefly before i sodded off to Cambridge. Thanks for the message Jo X
Ruth Spence

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!! Hope u have the fantastic day u deserve 🙂 big hugs xxx
A regular in the Pepperpot (in fact didn’t you work there?!).  Serial smiler. Thanks for the message Ruth X
Sally Vail

Happy birthday to my really good friend. Hope you have a fantastic day (guess it will bra tucked up at home day if the snow is still bad).
One of the Mum’s I met from Cottenham school. A lovely soul and great friend. Not very good at walking down snowy mountains without falling.  (if this happens to you whilst you are with me, i take photo’s, i don’t help, helping is not as funny). Papasan chair hogger. Thanks for your message Sal x
Fiona Tink Roberts

Happy Birthday chick xxx
My sisters friend of years and years. Babysat for her three munchkins for a while and suspected at first the youngest was a re incarnation of Damon, but he was OK after so I was grateful i wasn’t going to die. Thanks for the message Fi X
Happy birthday today to my baby girl Kelly hope you are spoilt rotton I’m sure you will be, love you lots mum xxxx
Well she is still to show signs of Battyness from having to bring me up. She has always been there for me. and is a totally perfect Mum for me. She doesn’t know her worth like most women. Gives the best hugs in the world. Good shopping partner and giver of unconditional love. Thanks for your numerous birthday messages and my lovely new clothes. Mummy XXXX Love you xx

So there you go, in amongst all the copying and pasting from facebook, I think I missed some, especially if they are in a status or hidden in my timeline, if I did, please message me and let me know and I will add them. I know I read some i can’t find at the moment.

If you would like me to remove your message from this blog please let me know, but don’t  feel guilty about telling me, it’s only taken me a couple of hours ;oP

Love you. Enjoy your moments and Thanks for being a part of mine xx

Kelly x