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Writing exercise – via open university (UK)

Activity 3

Close your eyes for a few moments and think of the room or place around you. Think of the details that you would include in any description and make a mental note of them. Open your eyes and, without looking around, write down what you thought of.

Now look at your surroundings and write a paragraph (no more than 150 words) describing them, picking out at least three things that you haven’t noticed recently – things you didn’t think of when you closed your eyes.

The Buzz of the fridge freezer combined with the subtle hum of my laptop soothes me into a sublime world of peaceful meditation where worries are few and creative words flow freely.

The sun streams boldly through the over sized windows creating the illusion of a hot day. You would never guess it’s November if it weren’t for the winter chill creeping through the walls bringing with it the realization that those summer days are long gone. Yet the fun snow days filled with laughter, hugs and hot chocolate are on their way.

My dining room table houses reminders of my procrastinating ways. A bright green book with the words “Breathing life into your characters ” sits collecting dust underneath a notebook, which is eagerly awaiting more background info for my yet to be officially named book. If it was an animate object, it would kick my ass right now.