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Compliments fill hearts

Hey Subscribers! (all three of you :o))

The theme of today at the risk of sounding like a hippy child (I am one) is, spread the love.

This morning I did a bit of Hairdressing, lovely client. We got onto the subject of charitable actions and threw around a few ideas. One of them being a linked group who come together to donate items where they can, for local families in dire situations. For example, families affected by fire, victims of domestic abuse starting again, etc etc. The list could go on and on. The group can be messaged when the need arises and pull together, items, clothing etc for the family in need. What a difference that could make. Now, Imagine this group in the next community, then another in the next, heck in EVERY community.

You’ve heard the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Ideas and comments on this would be greatly received. It’s about being the person who cares, imagine the world full of people with the type of heart you have, would it be peaceful? Would it be giving? Would it be full of judgement?
I know that is one of my faults, especially when I see bad parking jobs!!. How many of us have seen a child behaving badly in a superstore and said “If I was that child’s Mother….!” It’s right, there are bad parents in the world, sadly, but there are also children with disorders like ADHD/ADD. How would we feel after making that comment to find actually that child has this and it fact, the Mother is a friend of your friends and a very good parent. We judge too quickly.

On a lighter note, a lovely friend of mine today asked to read some of my writing (my book). I consider her a close friend so I sent a little intro part. This is what she said;

“Kelly I need more please 🙂 its very good so far how long you been writing it for?”

When I read that, it made me want to write more. Just a few words. A few words can have an enormous impact. It lifted my spirits as I was feeling stuck again with my writing. So from now on, Vicky, Alison and Kimber; you are my wingwomen. Egging me on from the sidelines with your confidence in my current venture. Thank you for being wonderful friends. (I am now imagining you with a wonder-woman capes on for added effect Lol)

Compliments are very under-rated. I try to give at least one consciously, every single day, hundreds if I can. If i see a lady with nice boots, I’m gonna tell her. You never know the kind of day she is having and I just let her know she looks good. Some people ignore you, others smile so bright, you know you spead some love and made someone happy.

As I am learning Acronyms at the moment I am calling it a CM (compliment). So go on, get out there. Give your CM’s out to everyone! How many people’s spirits can we lift? How many days can we brighten? Lets do this thang :o)

Love and ‘Moments’
Kelly x

P.s. Laughter is even better. send me your jokes people!


show homes and body pillows

I sat down this morning with the intention of going to write as the amazing Katherine, but I am here instead. My head is awash with so much that I can’t find my faithful character. Poor girl. Waiting for me to write her story. Patient. Maybe tapping her fingers from time to time. Fictional life stuck on hold. Me holding the puppet strings, molding her dramas and loves with my imagination. How amazing is that. Edward and Bella were only alive in the mind of Stephanie Meyer for some time. Their wonderfully addictive love story unfolding into our beloved Twilight saga. Now Bella is alive in more minds than that of Stephanie’s. Powerful stuff when you think about it. I would like that. Who wouldn’t? I can aim as high as I like, disappointment is but a mere blip.  It doesn’t scare me enough to stop me trying. Neither does rejection. I’ll take it on the chin guvnor (in a cockney accent). Like I said yesterday, you have to try. Dare to dream as my niece’s tattoo says.

I am sat here at my kitchen table. The kettle is boiled (another thing waiting for me). Dishwasher humming away soothingly and I don’t have to think about driving and picking up from school for many hours. My moment with peace. *Content sigh*. It would be a happy sigh normally and it will be on Friday (that irritating song ‘Friday’ sounds in my head and surprisingly her excitement seems quite apt right now), as that, my friends is when I get the gorgeous Mr Kitson back. YAY! Oh Happy Days…*Happy Dance* (Oh flip, my tea).

Right, where was I? Day dreaming about my husband. A body pillow just doesn’t cut it. For one, it has no arms which I find most inconvenient and to be honest a little boring. I mean just a spooning hug would be nice but oh no..’I’m a pillow, I’m fluffy’, stupid fluffy pillow. 3 more sleeps.

Oh I have to tell you about that flipping prize house I went to view. It was FREAKING AMAZING!!! I never wanted to leave, contemplated hiding in a cupboard so I could be locked in there at night. Then when the staff came back the next morning it would be like Goldilocks all over again. I am telling you, I have been in some nice houses but this was something else. I found a place just by the window where you can look out at the top of the mountain. The evergreen tree tops peeking through as the cloud passed over them. THAT was a true moment with peace. Every worry washed away and I stood there soaking it in. Whoever wins that house is a very lucky person. Lucky to own such an amazing, feel good, luxurious, large, comfortable (did I say amazing) home and lucky to have me visit them every single day. Lucky lucky people.

I will leave you with a few pics to drool over with me.

Enjoy your ‘Moments’

Love Kelly x

Hello world!

So, I figured it was time for a blog. I am 8 chapters into my attempt at fiction and I procrastinate too much. I read some online advice for prospective (wannabe) writers like myself, that writing for ten minutes every day is the first thing I should be doing. Now I look at my ‘book’ the same way I look at the gym, I love it when i am in there and taking action but it’s SO hard to go in the first place. I love to write, particularly the story I am involved with at the moment. I do find it hard to start though, so here is my other place. Somewhere I can write without focusing on the part I am stuck on that isn’t quite right. The ‘how do i write this without offending anyone’ part. The ‘Oh shit, didn’t I just say it was Summer’ part. Hence the title of my blog ‘Moments with peace’. Which is what I have right now, a large cup of my favourite tea, PGTips, silence, not so much warmth (oh dear sun I miss you) and of course my laptop. The background I chose is a mood lightening contrast to the weather here because it’s pissing down. Pardon my french but I don’t much care for rain, not as much as we get here in BC anyway. Rain rain rain rain rain rain bloody rain rain rain. Oh, I feel better now. Nothing like a mini rant.


Right, my tea is cold, time to move. I’m going to treat myself and have a nose through an executive prize home on the prestigious Eagle Mountain. Check it out!




We are going to buy some tickets. You gotta be in it to win it they say. There is no losing as the competition is being run by children’s charities so it’s for a great cause. I am sadly excited to look around the show home. I love stuff like that see how the other half live whilst picking up design ideas. Not looking good for me winning though Karma wise, I killed a mosquito this morning and fed it to the venus fly trap. :oO. Is that the Mozzie’s karma for sucking my blood or am I now screwed? Right I am really going now. See ya X